2021 Season Rules

All #1 Seed golf shall be played in accordance with USGA and R&A Rules of Golf.

Additionally, our club operates with the following supplemental rules that have been voted on, accepted, and used as a guideline for the 2021 golf season.

See COVID-19 ADDENDUM and ANNUAL VOTING RESULTS at the bottom of this page


1) The yearly membership fee for golfers is $250 (CT/NY/MA), $210 (NC) and $150 Travel Membership (restricted). The membership fee is due before you play your first round of the season.

2) New members must play 5 Seeder matches (without strokes) to establish a Seed handicap.

Golf Season

3) Our season begins the second weekend of April and concludes the second weekend of September.  The season usually lasts 26 weeks however if a special circumstance arises the season is extended.

4) During the season there are 7-8 special weekends (usually holidays) in which points earned are doubled. They’re always announced in advance and posted on the website calendar.

5) During our annual trip to Pinehurst, NC in late August points earned are tripled.

7) During the final week of our golf season points earned are doubled.


8) All matches are determined using stroke-play format.  Players give and receive strokes based on their posted handicap.

9) All 18-hole matches are based on 3 points. 1 point is awarded for the front-nine, 1 point is awarded for the back-nine and 1 point is awarded for the overall match (Nassau). 9-hole matches yield 1 point being awarded to the winner.

If opponents are tied after 9 or 18 holes, the winner (of the side) is determined by finding the most difficult hole (of the side) and comparing the scores on the hole.  If they’re the same, find the next most difficult hole (of the side), compare the scores and continue to repeat this process until a winner is determined.  If there is an overall tie after 18 holes, meaning both opponents have the same medal score (after net calculations) the winner is determined by the hardest hcp hole(s) overall.

Formula Used to Calculate Golf Rank

10) Three metrics make up your overall rank:  Winning Percent (40%), Points (30%) and Handicap (30%).

Golf Pairing(s)

11) All golf played must be against a competitor or competitors in your foursome.  You are not allowed to record and/or report scores of matches played against competitors who’ve played in another pairing, a different course, or a different date.

12) All golf pairings must consist of a twosome, threesome, foursome or fivesome (if allowed by the golf course). If the golf course doesn’t allow five players in a group, you’re allowed to play as a threesome and twosome and get credit for playing as a fivesome.

Cancellation/No Show Policy

13) If you’re signed up for a golf outing and you need to cancel, you must do so at least 2 hours in advance.  If you fail to do so you’ll receive an 0-3 record for each player you were scheduled to compete against for that round. There are no exceptions!

14) Once you’ve begun a round of golf with your competitor(s), you’re required to complete at least 9 holes.  If you continue onto the back 9 (holes 10-18) and you tee off, you’re responsible for completing the round.  If you are unable to finish the final 9 holes for any reason you forfeit the points for the back nine, and the overall points if you lose the match.

Inclement Weather

15) If you are signed up to play you’re still required to comply with the 2-hour cancellation policy unless otherwise posted.

16) Once play has begun, players must complete their competitive round (either 9 holes or 18 holes) unless the course is closed by club management.  If you do not complete the round, your opponent(s) has the option of taking the points forfeited by you.

17) In the case of a temporary weather delay, players should remain at the course and be ready to resume play as long as club management has determined that the course will be ready for a resumption of play within a reasonable time.

Preferred Lies (Winter Rules)

18) Preferred lies, otherwise known as winter rules are in effect for all golf played unless otherwise specified in advance.  Winter rules allow you, in accordance with the Rules of Golf, to lift, clean and place your ball within one club length of where it has come to rest in “closely mown areas” – those parts of the course cut to fairway height or less, including paths through the rough, and the fringes or aprons around the greens. You are not allowed to move the ball on any other part of the course including rough, bunker, hazard, and putting green unless agreed upon in advance.

Teeing Ground

19) The player with the highest Seed rank selects the tee box for his group (foursome/threesome/twosome).  Meaning, the player with the better rank of his competitor(s) chooses which tee box the group tees from.

20) If there is more than one group present, the same rule applies.  The player with the highest rank selects the tee box that his group plays from.

If there is a skins pot and the group chooses not to play from the tee box as the rest of the group, they cannot participate in the skins pot.

Provisions for Seniors

21) Senior golfers (65 yr’s and older) are allowed to move forward one tee box for par 4’s measuring 375 yds and greater (according to the yardage posted on the scorecard), and the individual has a handicap index greater than 13.0.

22) Super-Senior golfers (75 yr’s and older) can elect to play the forward tees at all golf venues however they must forfeit half the strokes they would normally receive (if any), and must double the number of strokes given (if required) to opponents.

Championship Status

23) Championship players are members who are identified as mastery level players, and are required to play one tee box behind the standard-level players.

24) A player who attains a handicap index of 5.0 or lower is automatically elevated to Championship Player status.

25) A Championship Player whose handicap has increased to 5.1 or greater has the option of dropping back to standard-level status and no longer has to play one tee box behind the group.

Mandatory Minimum Rounds Requirement

26) You are required to play 10 rounds of Seed golf to retain an End of Year rank and be eligible for the Annual Tournament.

Maximum Score on a Hole

27) Every hole should be played out and every stroke counted (with the exception of gimmies and X-outs). If you “X” out of a hole, you automatically receive the maximum amount of strokes allowed on the hole.

28) The maximum score on a hole is 2X par during the regular golf season.

29) The maximum score on a hole is 10 during our Annual Tournament and designated travel tournaments.

Hole-in-One Pot

30) We collect $10 per player/per season for the Hole-in-One Pot.  It is included in your dues if you’re a CT/MA/NY member or NC member.

31) You are not eligible to win the Hole-in-One pot if you’re a travel member.

32) If you are a travel member and you want to join either the CT/NY/MA membership or the NC membership you are allowed to do so.

33) The Hole-in-One pot is won by any Seeder who cards a Hole-in-One while playing with at least one Seeder in a Number 1 Seed regulation match.

34) If more than one Seeder cards a Hole-in-One during the season the pot is shared between the winners.  The payout is distributed at the end-of-season banquet.

35) If there are no Hole-In-One winner’s throughout the season, the monies will be carried over to the following year’s pot and we’ll continue that practice until a Hole-in-One is carded.

Conceded Putt

36) A putt is considered holed on the next stroke if you receive affirmation from 2 other players in your group.  It does not matter if you’re playing in a 3some or 4some.

37) During our Annual Tournament, your putt can only be conceded by your direct opponent.

Rule 20: Resolving Rules Issues During Round

38) In the event of a disagreement in the application of a rule, the player shall either: (1) call the pro shop immediately for resolution or (2) play two balls, record both scores and ask the pro for resolution immediately following the round or (3) call DD, a level 3 certified golf rules official.  If you do not follow this procedure you may be disqualified or given the maximum amount of strokes allowed on the hole.

Covid-19 Addendum

Intended to help us enjoy the game and adhere to safety guidelines set by state, county local government policies


39) You're allowed to place the ball elsewhere in a bunker (within 1 club length of where the ball came to rest), rake the area and place the ball without penalty. If the bunker is deemed unplayable due to water, mud, or ground under repair conditions, you're allowed to take free relief outside the bunker under Rule 16-1.

2021 Season Addendum

Double Points Day(s) Limitation

40) In outings designated as double point days, you are allowed to play (1) 18 hole round for double credit.  You are credited with single points for any additional golf played that day.

Cart Path Only Cancellation Policy

41) If you arrive at the golf course and find they're enforcing a Cart Path Only policy you're allowed to cancel without penalty.

Designated player as the ball marker (rule 12-1,2)

42) A designated player is responsible for marking his foursome’s balls and at any point in the match any player can request of another to see the marking on their ball. If the player can’t produce the ball, he is disqualified and loses all bets and points for the round.


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