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The Number 1 Seed Golf Club is a group of Connecticut and North Carolina-based golfers who love the game of golf. The club has a motto, “Improving Your Game Through Friendly Competition”. We realized in the early 2000’s that there was something missing in the lives of casual golfers … competition! How does a golfer improve his skills and when he does improve who does he compete against? The answer is the Number 1 Seed!
The group began in 2001 when Darrell and Rusty started recording the results of their matches against each other on their Motorola Nextel cell phones. In 2002, Wayne Tolson and Jeff Baskin jumped on board and the rest is history. By 2003 we had 10 players, and a need to design a ranking system. In 2004 we introduced the automated ranking system, our website, message board and text broadcasting. Since 2003 we’ve added 5-6 players every year and as of 2020 we have over 80 members.
  • USGA Handicap + portal access
  • Golf scores keyed in daily
  • Golfer ranking calculated and posted
  • Broadcast text/email service (notice of golf being played daily)
  • Group discounted weekend outings
  • Discounted tournament entry fees
  • Hole In One Pool
  • Top 10 Golfers’ Payout
  • Annual intraclub tournament
  • payout
  • Website access (user id & password)
  • Blog (user id & password)
  • Preseason Meeting - dinner
  • Annual Banquet - dinner
  • Orlando, FL Trip - group discounted golf
  • Pinehurst, NC Trip - group discounted golf
  • Intraclub Matches
  • Interclub Matches
  • Offseason group activities
It’s very simple. Contact a member who will sponsor you, and he'll let you know when and where our next outing will be. We play most days of the week, every weekend and on all holidays. Play a round of golf with the group and if you enjoy the camaraderie, and competition fill out a membership application (online). Once you’ve paid the yearly membership fee you’ll be issued a website username and password, and that's it! Once you’ve completed 5 rounds of golf you’ll be issued a USGA handicap.
The yearly membership fee for all eligible applicants is $250 (CT/NY), $210 (NC) and $150 Travel Membership (restricted). The membership fee is due before you play your first round of the season.
The fee is comprised of Top 10 payout & Annual Tournament payout ($100), Annual Banquet & Preseason Meeting ($20), Orlando, FL Trip & Pinehurst, NC Trip skins pool ($50), Hole in One pool ($10), Web Hosting/Message Board/Handicap portal/Web development fees ($30) and for (CT/NY only) a $40 event fee.
There is no minimum handicap. Although there is no official maximum handicap, if your handicap is over 30 you'll likely find this group too competitive.

Medal/Stroke play. All 18-hole matches are based on 3 points. 1 point is awarded for the front-nine, 1 point is awarded for the back-nine and 1 point is awarded for the overall match (Nassau). 9-hole matches yield 1 point being awarded to the winner.

If opponents are tied after 9 or 18 holes, the winner (of the side) is determined by finding the most difficult hole (of the side) and comparing the scores on the hole. If they’re the same then find the next most difficult hole (of the side), compare the scores and continue to repeat this process until a winner is determined.

If there is an overall tie after 18 holes, meaning both opponents have the same medal score (after net calculations) the winner is determined by hardest hcp hole(s) overall.

ex. Player 1 (10 hcp.) vs Player 2 (15 hcp). 5 stroke difference. Check the scorecard for #1 hcp hole. That’s the side that Player 2 receives 3 strokes (2 on the other side). Player 1 (42+46=88). Player 2 (46+47=93). Player 1 wins front, player 2 wins back. The difference in medal scores (93-88=5) means the match is even and the winner must be determined by the #1 most difficult hole according to the scorecard. In the event the scores are the same for that hole, move on to the #2 hcp hole, and so on until a winner is determined.

Three metrics make up your overall rank: Winning Percent (40%), Points (30%) and Handicap (30%). You’re ranked in each category versus all active competitors listed in Current Rankings. Your rank in each category is then multiplied by .4 (winning percentage), .3 (points) and .3 (handicap) and the result is the Rating Percentage Index (RPI). The lower your number is the better your Current Rank is, meaning the closer you are to being ranked Number 1.
You’re required to play a minimum of 10 rounds of Seed golf to retain an End of Year rank, and to be eligible for the Annual Tournament. There is no maximum number of rounds you’re allowed to play.
Nothing other than you’re not eligible to compete in the Annual Tournament.
You have 4 options. 1) Call DD and let him know you’d like a broadcast text sent out about your availability 2) Log onto the message board and post a message that you’re looking for golfers 3) Call specific members (from the Golfer/Profile list) and find out if they’re teeing it up that day or 4) Check the broadcast texts and front page of our site for weekend and holiday group tee times that have already been arranged. I'd estimate there’s at least one match going on 6 of the 7 days per week.
Yes, there's always a preseason meeting that takes place in late March or early April. Check the website in early March for the exact date and place.
Our season begins the second weekend of April and concludes the second weekend of October. The season usually lasts 26 weeks however if a special circumstance arises the season is extended.
In early March (before the season starts) we have a great golf trip to Orlando, Florida. During the season there are 6-7 special weekends (usually holidays) that we deem our “Majors”. All points earned are doubled. We also have an annual trip to Pinehurst, NC in late August in which points are tripled. We also make annual road trips to New Hampshire (Grandma's House), MA, NY and occasionally we schedule matches versus other golf clubs.
Absolutely. It's usually held in mid-December.

Scores should be reported via phone, text or email immediately after round completion to DD (Darrell). Contact info: (203) 410-9893, email:

He'll need to know the points for each golfer (wins and losses), their medal scores, where the match was held and the tee box played.

To be safe, you are encouraged to save your scorecard for verification and archival purposes.

Usually nightly by 10 PM. On occasion, the scores aren’t posted until the following morning.
The maximum score on a hole is 2X par during the regular season, and increases to a maximum of 10 during our Annual Tournament and specific travel tournaments.
Yes. We collect $10 per player/per season for the Hole-in-One Pool. It is included in your dues if you’ve paid for a full membership, not a travel membership. The pot is won by any Seeder who cards a hole in one while playing with at least one Seeder in a Number 1 Seed regulation match. If more than one Seeder scores a hole-in-one during the season the pot is shared between the winners at the end-of-season banquet.
A putt is considered holed on the next stroke if you receive affirmation from 2 other players in your group. It does not matter if you’re playing in a 3some or 4some. During the Annual Tournament only your direct opponent can concede your putt.
If you’re signed up for a golf outing and you need to cancel, you must do so at least 2 hours in advance. If you fail to do so you’ll receive an 0-3 record for each player you were scheduled to compete against for that round. There are no exceptions!
There have been special provisions made for senior golfers and championship-level players that allow for different teeing grounds for those players. See “Teeing Ground” in our 2021 Season rules.
In the event of a disagreement in the application of a rule, the player shall either: (1) call the pro shop immediately for resolution or (2) play two balls, record both scores and ask the pro for resolution immediately following the round or (3) call DD, a level 3 certified golf rules official. If you do not follow this procedure you may be disqualified or given the maximum amount of strokes allowed on the hole.

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